Release Date: 03/03/2023 Location: Canada, Toronto

Us or Aliens ‘Black Hole’

About the Song

Us Or Aliens - Artist Shawn Kirkpatrick has been in the music industry for over two decades. During that time, he has written, composed, recorded and produced hit songs for both him and other artists. Shawn has performed live in over 500 venues worldwide. He is an accomplished musician, vocal coach, jingle writer, and TV theme composer. Shawn’s varied experience in the industry led to the creation of Us or Aliens, a project which showcases his musical prowess and undeniable talent. Us or Aliens is original, Canadian Acoustic Pop/Top 40.


Canada Acoustic Pop/Top 40

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Shay is a media professional and creative A&R management consultant. Shay owns and operates and companies. The companies support independent artists of all genres, from around the globe. Shay is dynamic and creative, hosts a syndicated radio show, is a songwriter, writer, digital arts & UI/UX web designer.