The company supports independent creative small businesses, including music, local artisan shops, and publishing. The company identifies and develops their niche market, helps them create a sellable brand, develops a plan, and executes it at affordable industry rates to make their work and business visible online.

We serve North America, the UK, Eastern Europe, and Brazil through our network.

We are a 100% independent, creative-owned company serving small businesses and creatives worldwide since 2013.

The founder is Shay Woods, an independent writer, content creator, and copywriter. Our head office is located in the City of Hamilton, Ontario in Canada.

Our Services

Our services are affordable and payments very flexible. Our platform is both DIY and with support. Whatever works for you and makes sense given your time and budget. We’re here to help you get your music out there.


Complete project management from application to completion. Niches music, literary & artisan small business.

Connect to Chat

On WhatsApp/text 226-332-6177 or by email at

Services that are affordable and payments very flexible. Business support  is both DIY and with support or complete management. Whatever works for you and makes sense given your time and budget. 

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An incredible tool for professional media campaign promotions. Designed and created by Shay, a media professional who has experience in the music & literary space. This is an active template that can be updated as you release new music, or new published works. This can be utilized for booking gigs, tours, festivals,  and a wide range of performances. For independent authors, an incredible outreach tool for author signings, author readings,

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Every website we design (and re-design) is completely custom. We start by interactive research with you. We want to learn about your music, foodie or publishing enterprise. Your goals and requirements. Your website is the main hub of everything you do online. It makes sense to focus on creating the best possible website for your brand.

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Affordable website builder for creatives, and small independent businesses. Amazing tool for a mini website or one-link for promotion. Our website building platform offers more bells and whistles than Wix, Squarespace, or GoDaddy for less than half the price.