Effie Star ‘My Name Is…’

Follow @thebuzzrnet Release Date: 20/06/23 Location: Canada Effie Star ‘My Name Is…’ About the Song, from the artist So I wrote this pop rock song with James Robertson (producer of Skye Sweetnam, Down With Webster, Esthero etc) as a summary of my musical experiences so far and as a way to introduce myself – hence…

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Lisa Froment ‘FLY’

thebuzzr Independent Music Coverage Release Date: 26/08/2022 Location: Timmins, Canada Lisa Froment ‘FLY’ FLY by Lisa Froment About the Song This song is for anyone being bullied, anyone who is different, or has special needs. Or, has a different style of view in life! We all have the right to live our full potential and…

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LLC ‘Somebody’s Baby’ (Cover Single)

thebuzzr Independent Music Coverage Release Date: 26/05/22 Location: Australia, Sydney LLC ‘Somebody’s Baby’ (Cover Single) About the Song: From the Artist LLC is the one-man singer-songwriter-storyteller that the millennial generation needs today. He has a heart for a pensive society, singing about self-empowerment and proving his genuine care for his fellow peers and friends. His…

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