Release Date: 27/01/23 Location: United States, Portland, Oregon

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This American group is pretty cool. 🎶 🇺🇸Awesome party music. 🤘🏻🎶 The band’s YouTube channel is worth a watch! Vids are fantastic! Sweet N’ Juicy is a band of fruit that likes to party!  They want fans to have fun. Check out my chat with Banana & Strawberry (that is the sweet and the juicy from the band. Pineapple is the other member) 🎶 

About the album

After 4 years of writing, countless re-recordings, and hours of mixing, Sweet N’ Juicy are proud to present “Your Mom’s Gonna Love Us”. They’re bowling it down the middle for America. Right off the bat we’re reminded to have our seatbelts fastened when the album swirls into a frenzy with “The Way You Love Me”. It’s a soul-fueled number with crazed fruit at the wheel. “Exception” brings us back down to earth with a funky chorus that reminds us all how loved we are, and a Nashville-esque ballad called “Everytime You Smile” soothes the soul before we’re ramped back up into a Ohio Players inspired groove-piece called “Little Bit Of Love”. With songs like “Cigarettes and Jesus”, a groovy upbeat tune reminiscent of P-Funk, “Tongue Tied”, a power ballad in the vein of Ben Folds Five, and “Pet Names”, which sounds like something out of a cheery 80s movie, “Your Mom’s Gonna Love Us” takes us on a journey of tightly written-hooks and arrangements that only a bunch of fruits could provide. Strap in for a good time.



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