Location: Canada, Barrie

Spades GT ‘Sewer City Radio’

About the Song

Spades GT is a crossover punk/thrash band featuring J.D Pearce (Jack Spades, Frightlight) Vocals, Dan Horton (Jack Spades) Guitar, James Roy Dayley (Stand Against Fear) Bass, Tyler Reiner (Caym) Drums, Jay Sarrazin (Hellrager, Sierra Pilot, Decatur) Guitar. Playing with such acts as Anvil, Random Killing, Ripchords, Dayglo Abortions, and many more notable Canadian bands, Spades GT first performed in March of 2022 to a great reception from fans and peers alike. With a full year of amazing shows, the band is back in 2023 with the release of their album, "Sewer City Radio".


Crossover Punk Thrash Barrie Ontario Canada

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