Release Date: 13/01/23 Location: Australia, Sunshine Coast Hinterland

MEADOW ARGUS 'Dancing Through A Slow Apocalypse'

track highlight 'house husband'

About the EP

Australian psychedelic folk-rock outfit, Meadow Argus begins 2023 with the release of EP, ‘Dancing Through A Slow Apocalypse on Friday 13th January 2022. “’Dancing Through a Slow Apocalypse’ was written and recorded in 2021 as part of my music studies at the University of the Sunshine Coast. Here in Australia, we were all in various states of Covid disruption and lockdown. The songs on this EP address the very personal issues that we were all forced to face during this time.” Javan Cole (Meadow Argus) With a sound inspired by a blend of Neu!, Kraftwerk, Eurythmics, Broadcast, The Church, Sonic Youth, and Johnny Cash, each of the seven tracks have been masterfully composed, recorded, mixed and produced within Jevan’s home studio, a converted earthy shed surrounded by the beauty of nature. Mastering was completed by Jevan Cole and Seamus Kirkpatrick.



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