Release Date: 2022 Location: Canada, Toronto

Live Animals Into To The Wild EP


About the Music

Personifying sonic grit and raw performance, Canadian hard rock band Live Animals bring authenticity back to rock n’ roll with their anthemic new single, “Into the Wild” –– available now! Live Animals unleash their organic and creative energy with the epic first single from their EP, “Into the Wild.” Electrifying right out the gates with the infectious hard-hitting guitar riffs of Spencer Bailey and the exceptionally developed vocal stylings of Andrew Healy, both founders of Live Animals. “Into the Wild” also introduces the anomalous musicianship of new members’ Ben Challet on bass and Dave Schattmann on drums, delivering strong performances as Live Animals' new rhythm section. Their musical chemistry is on full display with the follow-up to their sophomore release, “(ep)iphany”.


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