Release Date: 27/01/23 Location: United States, Miami, Florida

Jessica Morale 'LIGHTS OUT!'

About the Song

Seething with chugging guitars reminiscent of Green Day's Boulevard of Broken Dreams, booming sub bass, soaring vocals and defiant lyrics, "LIGHTS OUT!" emerges as a defiant alternative pop anthem for those who have been slighted by someone they once trusted. Morale notes: "I wrote "LIGHTS OUT!" after being ghosted by my best friend. You think you know someone after years of exchanging your darkest secrets, all for them to essentially become a stranger. This song is about the unravelling of that friendship and me coming to the realization that the relationship was toxic from the start." The marriage between contemporary urban pop beats, chugging metal guitars, bitchy vocals and booming sub bass creates a perfect atmosphere for Morale's edgy lyrics and raspy vocals that seduces the listener into a chaotic dream-like bed where toxic ties are cut. Sonically, the track radiates a bit of Ashnikko, Green Day, and Halsey vibes. With her distinct presence and power-house vocals, telling the stories of love, pain, the beauty of imperfection and female empowerment, Morale is ready to dominate the pop music scene in a defiant way.


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