Release Date: 27/01/23 Location: United Kingdom, Worthing

Beth Sarah 'Thunderstorm'

About the Song

This is the third single from the album 'Let her go' (releasing on 1st February 2023). Thunderstorm is the final song on the album, which goes through the process of change from trauma to release. Thunderstorm shares that feeling when you spend so much time with someone that you start to become a little like them! It's a bit more rocky than some of the other album tracks. Has a very catchy chorus and fun variation in the verses. It's one of our favourites to play live as a band 🙂


indie rock united kingdom

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Shay D is a media professional and creative A&R management consultant. Shay owns and operates and companies. The companies support independent artists of all genres, from around the globe. Shay is dynamic and creative, hosts a syndicated radio show, is a songwriter, writer, digital arts & UI/UX web designer.