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wobz music

WOBZ Music is part of thebuzzr network.WOBZ is a small booking & management boutique registered with SOCAN.

The company was established in 2020 as part of thebuzzr media to provide independent artists the management, branding & marketing, publishing and sync administration that artists require to help navigate their careers in the often complicated and confusing music industry.

The company’s market influence is in Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, Eastern Europe, & Brazil.


Elion Melody - Independent Artist, New York UNITED STATES

The playing field needs to be leveled for independent music. The way to do that is full transparency.

the way we work
ShootingStarr Rock 'n' Roll Photography. 

About Us

WOBZ provides a collaborative environment with transparency and foremost respect for an artist’s creative controls. Artists remain independent, control their product (music) and retain all royalties and profit generated from their artistic endeavours.<br>

At WOBZ we help our artists identify niche markets, develop their brand and position them for global marketing & project specific work. We can assist with projects like single and album release planning including social media distribution with a focus on revenue generation and dependable markets.

our services (some of them)

Our Services

WE love working directly with independent artists, writers, and bands that have their own ideas. Who know where they want to go and how they feel they can get there. Artists who are searching for unique and inventive music solutions and need a little direction and guidance on the best approach to developing a plan that keeps them on track to realizing their goals.

our approach
PHIL HABIB, ANTHONY CARVANARA & JOE POLITO - ShootingStarr Rock 'n' Roll Photography

We break down your abstract ideas and provide you with some of our own to create realistic cost-effective components to help you complete your industry-related projects.

It seems these days that everywhere an artist or band turns to get in the game promoting their music, another cost pops up. That is not what we are about. We understand that not everyone is made of money or has big label support. We also don’t ask you to sell your soul, or bet the farm, pay to play or pay per submission,

We workout scalable, affordable projects for our artists with flexible pay as you go payment arrangements. We’re here to help you get there.


our approach

We un-bundle the traditional costs for the services required to develop an independent, successful, music career and work with our artists to build a transparent and affordable project plan that our artists can self manage or call on us as needed.

We believe the playing field needs to be levelled for independent music and the way that’s done is by ensuring full transparency and artistic control for every step of a project

Our core belief at WOBZ is artists are more than content providers, they are the heart and soul of everything they create and share.


we manage
Phil Naro (OZONE BABY)

Management by Project

Being successful in the music industry involves a lot of hard work and the old cliche – It only takes one – is a little out of date. The never-ending series of projects, a major marketing campaign, touring, a release campaign for your new single, album or video, radio play outreach, social media placements, awards, podcasts, playlists, website development, licensing and syncs, the list seems endless and a lot to manage all at once.

These projects come in all sizes, budgets, and levels of complexity and we’re here to help. You select what areas you want our assistance and what our level of involvement will be.

We can administer projects as they come up or be a gatekeeper for your business. In industry terms, your designated manager, agent or primary press contact.


Phil Habid (vocals) Joe Polito (guitar) Darkhorse
Jenn Wren (Clockwork) & Mike Richards (Eklectik)

DUST N BONES – ShootingStarr Rock ‘n’ Roll Photography. 

Publishing & Sync

WOBZ provides a collaborative environment with transparency and foremost respect for an artist’s creative controls. Artists remain independent, control their product (music) and retain all royalties and profit generated from their artistic endeavours.

Recently publishing and sync has popped up on independent artists radar as gigs and tours have been very difficult to get the last couple of years so music publishing is an important potential revenue stream for songwriters and independent artists.

Representing writers and copyrights in varied genres of music WOBZ Music is a resource for songwriters to present music to music supervisors, managers, and labels in search of songs and artists collaborations for television, film, games, commercials and pretty much anything else you can think of.

As an affiliate of thebuzzr media, we tap into a vast international network to find effective ways to find new fans and expand the reach of your music.

There are differing opinions about what success is in the music industry. Although plays, playlist streams, podcasts and peer recognition are great we also believe that developing a revenue stream and making a little money never hurts.

If you would like to discuss exploring how we can help you with your project or career please email or call/text Shay at 226.203.6646 anytime for an appointment.

It never hurts to talk and … we listen.