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Tonight, Australian rock band TRENT JEAN. Frontman TJ joins the podcast. We catch up with the band and spin the latest hot release HIGH3R. Poon Head Studios makes a cameo appearance.

TJ gets upfront & personal about his journey making HIGH3R. Listen it to get an incredible glimpse of the magic behind his music.

This artist reminds me of a young David Bowie – TJ is a trailblazer. His music is from the soul.

This artist is one of the most watched bands of this year. High octane pop-rock with unparalleled energy and vibe.

Enjoy the show!

Thank you for tuning in. Enjoy the show! 10 P.M. EST at https://www.thebuzzrpod.com

Tracks Played Tonight: HIGH3R



From The Artist


⚡️SHAPESHIFTING their way through the musical realm. The Sky Was The Limit, so they pushed further and soared into the 9th Dimension ⚡️Where they Discovered ‘Larger.Than.Life’ Pop – Drenched in Psych-Rock-Hop ⚡️And brought it back to Planet Earth 4 The Fruitage of Humanity 💛

Debut single, ‘Manchester By The Sea’ drew immediate attention and was a feature in the international #WhyWontYouDanceWithMe Video Project, amassing over 1 million views in under three weeks. The song also was awarded 2nd place in the AAA (Adult Album Alternative) Category at the 2020 Unsigned Only International Songwriting Competition judged by The Cure’s Robert Smith + Charli XCX.

Having assembled an unparalleled LIVE line-up, backed by the electrifying force of Brontë Mongoose, The Mighty Josh Gallagher (Toto, Deraps), Dan Desirable and ‘Mind Reader’ Reynolds (Bruce Springsteen, Psychedelic Porn Crumpets).

“Trent-Jean, is larger than life pop, documenting the soundtrack of the woes and glories of human life. They will be THE must see, must hear band of 2021.” – Andrea Thompson (Around The Sound)

“And let us embark to spark a fire, wild enough to warm the heart of this world” – Trent-Jean⚡️

Leading the way to the ✨9th-Dimension✨

Recorded, Mixed, Mastered + Filmed (Primarily at Poons Head Studios). Story by Trent-Jean. Filmed by Trent-Jean, Tim Green, Sam Shields + Footage used from The Scene Music TV. Stop-Motion Animation by Nile Plumb Productions. Visual Magic + Video Editing by Tim Green (ONOFF VISUALS)

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