The Great Leslie ‘Aliens”

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Release Date: 23/09/22 Location: London, United Kingdom

Release Date: 15/09/23 Location: United Kingdom, London

The Great Leslie 'Aliens'

About the Song

Of this lead track, ‘Aliens’, frontman Ollie Trevers had this to say: We started writing ‘Aliens’ in Studio 2 at Abbey Road Studios, and I found myself thinking about wanting to echo the sentiments of ‘Get Back’ after watching the documentary, particularly as the anti-immigration rhetoric that was prevalent back then with the likes of Enoch Powell is still very much prevalent in British politics now. The song is a protest fuelled by outrage, delving into the underlying facistic propensities of the UK throughout history and highlighting how much things haven’t changed, especially within political discourse. At its core, it is saying that regardless of your race, religion, creed, or colour, despite what many faux-nationalists might claim, no one group has a greater right to exist in any one place than another, we are all equally worthy to dwell in any land.



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