The Banquets ‘Faithless’

Release Date: 3/11/23 Location: United Kingdom, Leeds

The Banquets 'Faithless'

About the Song

‘Faithless’ is a gritty indie ballad full of passion, grief and anger, and it’s a song that many people will relate to. It tells the story of an unhappy relationship – she knows her partner is unfaithful to her, but she doesn’t have the strength or courage to leave him: ‘Too scared to let go, too scared to say no.’ At the end of the song (during the bridge), there is a moment where it seems she has gained strength – in a moment of roar, violent passion – but the final line ‘just don’t give me those dead excuses’ suggests it was just in her head; she will keep allowing him to be faithless.


Rock Alternative United Kingdom Leeds

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