Release Date: 2008 Location: Canada, Toronto

Scarlet Sins 'Drown'

About the Music

Formed in Toronto in 2004, Scarlet Sins is an all-female hard rock band that features heavy riffs, catchy choruses, and lead vocalist Sylvia Niewinski's powerful vocals. Guitarist Cristina Canas and Niewinski founded the band, later adding bassist Tanya Nicklaus and drummer Elie Bertrand to the lineup. Scarlet Sins received critical acclaim for their live shows, known for their high energy and intensity. They opened for national acts such as Motley Crue, Buckcherry, Anvil, and April Wine. Scarlet Sins appeared four times on the shortlist for the 51st Grammy Awards. The band disbanded in 2009, but they reunited in 2019 for a series of shows. New music is set to be released in 2023, and two new members, Monica Julie (bass) and Jen Bryan (guitar), have been added for live shows.


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