Release Date 17/03/23 Location: british columbia, canada

Low winter sun guest episode

The band just released an epic album! Charlie Aiken and me talk to Ryan Price (Guitar/Vocals) and Corey Polkinghorne (Guitar/Vocals) about the recent release. Very cool band with an unique sound. 

Tracks Played: 

“Good Luck With That” (will play at intro BEFORE show chat)

“Silence Surrounds” (will play DURING show)

About the music

Low Winter Sun blends the songwriting of Corey Polkinghorne (rhythm guitar, vocals) and Ryan Price (lead guitar, vocals), then lays it over the beats of Trevor Morrison (drums, percussion) and THEN dials it up to 11 with Amy Houston’s melodic rock-cello. Low Winter Sun draws inspiration from temperamental Vancouver Island and from the diverse musical backgrounds of the four band members. This results in catchy but unvarnished songs performed energetically.


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Artist Socials

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