Jake Demarsh ‘Way Home’

Release Date: 18/10/23 Location: Canada, Ottawa

Jake Demarsh 'Way Home'

About the Song

This song was formed based on a feeling I had; I was just kicked out of a homeless shelter for having a drug's on me. I was sick from cotton fever an effect that comes from having foreign particles in your bloodstream. I had never felt so low and I remember asking God to save me. My faith was lost in myself, in the world around me, I thought it would never end. After using that experience as a base for the idea. Now after getting clean and writing it in hindsight, I was able to draw a contrast to the way I feel now. I've found my peace, my hope and drive to continue to tell my story that even in those dark hours there's a light that can be sparked into a flame to spur you on to victory. The song has elements of the intangible forces that we recognize but don't hold a physical space but hold such power. Things such as love, hate, fear, and peace that I found on my way home.


Pop Rock Canada 

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