Garrett Neiles ‘Outgrow’

Release Date: 15/09/23 Location: Canada, Winnipeg

Garrett Neiles

About the Song

A revitalizing, modern burst of the early 2000's Pop-Rock era sound, Garrett Neiles' "Outgrow" is a high energy combination of Rock's guitar driven, melodic focus, Pop's range of emotive vocals, and the amped up pace of Power Punk. A high octane ode to the sting of rejection, Neiles penned "Outgrow" after ending a fling and discovering he had developed unreciprocated feelings. After a period of reflection that helped him realize he had outgrown less serious relationships, the artist set up instruments in his home and began his very first foray into music production. Through a Pop-Rock lens, Neiles thematically creates his own take on Don Henley's "The Boys of Summer", through reminiscence, realization, and acceptance. Opening with a Punk-infused flare, "Outgrow" comes to life with a commanding guitar riff, booming drums, and growling sub-bass. With an intent focus on melody, Neiles uses his skillful musical craftsmanship to create an instantly catchy, stadium-sized chorus and dynamic guitar solo, while weaving in harmonic, group intended vocables. With "Outgrow", Garrett Neiles offers a perfect and relatable final chapter to summer, leaving listeners, like readers, wanting more.


R0ck Pop Rock Alternative Canada

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